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We are a team of Corporate Wellness Consultants. Established in 2014, we offer one stop wellness solutions to corporates and the community in a holistic approach, helping in making sustainable lifestyle change.

You gain member’s access to our online platform. You will receive information, tips and tricks on maintaining physical fitness (workout instructions), looking after nutrition (nutrition info and recipes), taking care of mental wellbeing (strategies and action plan). You will also be able to join live webinars to learn and interact with specialist speakers from various fields of the health and wellness industry.

No. We are totally independent. We purchase the credit and transfer it to any successful sign up as a welcoming token to BALANCE online platform.

We consolidate all new registrations and send the credit 2 times a week on Wednesday and Saturday. ie. register on Sunday to receive on Wednesday; register on Thursday to receive on Saturday. Please take note that credit received must be redeemed within 24 hours, if not, it will expire

You may contact us via Whatsapp at 011-11399238. We will resend it for once on the next credit send out day (Wednesday or Saturday). Be alert to check the text message.

No. No payment will be collected without prior notice and consent. We also do not request for any payment information, there is no way we can charge you. The membership will automatically be terminated. Should you wish to continue, a subscription fee will apply. We will announce the subscription fee in the near future

Yup, that’s us. But we are more than just providing workout sessions FOC for the community. We provide consultation to company who wish to implement a holistic mid-to-long term wellness programmes via a holistic approach focusing on physical fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellbeing. We also consult for short term projects and events such as health day, team building, workshops, seminars all around the theme of health and wellness.

No, we do not. Consulting is the nature of our business.

No, we do not. Consulting is the nature of our business.

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